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London is the natural starting point for visitors and is a great introduction to this varied country, with famous sights such as the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye and renowned exhibitions in the National Gallery, Natural History Museum and Tower of London.

  • London
  • London
  • London
  • Currency

    Pound Sterling

  • Location

    It lies to the northwest of Continental Europe, with Ireland to the west, and makes up the largest part of the territory of the country known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

  • Climate

    The climate of London is temperate, with modest daily high temperatures during summer (apart from the odd heat wave) and winter lows that seldom fall below freezing. Rainfall is fairly regular, but most often in the form of drizzle, occurring throughout the year. Snow occurs sometimes in winter but rarely settles more than a few millimetres deep. Temperatures range from 3.5°C to 21°C.

  • Flying Time

    Flying time from Muscat : 8 Hour 45 Minutes

  • Time Difference

    GMT +4