You may decide that you want to pre-book some sightseeing and leisure activities to enable you to get the very best out of your chosen holiday destination. With this in mind Oman Air Holidays offers you a variety of optional excursions that are pre-bookable when you make your holiday reservation.  Rates are valid until 30 April 2019.

  • City Tour of Khasab (Half Day) - USD 31 Per Person
    Muscat offers the visitor a unique opportunity to witness a modern commercial center existing in harmony with its traditional culture. With its natural harbor, Muscat means 'Anchorage' and lies in natural volcanic bowl. Our tour of the Grand mosque*(except Friday) and Bait Al Zubair Museum (except Friday) is a brief introduction that traces Oman's history and development. Drive along the waterfront cornice visiting the Fish market and the colorful mattrah souq. We proceed for photo stop to magnificent Al Alam Palace, official palace of his Majesty Sultan Qaboos, flanked by the 16th century Portuguese forts mirani & jalali.

    Visit to the restored Portuguese Fort of Khasab. In its prime it was famous for supplying the Portuguese troops with fresh water, dates and fish. A central tower predates the rest of the low walled fort, also the arrival of the Portuguese in the 16th Century. Oman's Imam Nasir bin Murshid Al Ya'rubi managed to regain control of the coast in 1644. The fort itself was renovated in the 17th century and was used as a strategic outpost, and again restored in 1989-92. Today this fort has a Museum where many Omani handicraft items are displayed. Visits to the old and new souk offer the opportunity to bargain for a souvenir or two, including the Musandam axe, known as a 'jerz,' or the clay incense burner, its decorations unique to Musandam. The Iranian souk is still a bustling trade zone. The tour also includes the nearby villages of Qadah and Tawi. The village of Qadah is set inside a deep bay, with palm tress and mountains overshadowing it. Behind Qadah is Tawi, where there are prehistoric rock carvings depicting camels, ships and warriors, said to be more than 2000 years old.
  • 4WD SAFARI to Jebel Harim (Half Day) - USD 72 per person

    Tour is by 4-wheel drive vehicles (closed and air-conditioned). Driving is partially on winding mountain roads.  

    Guests on this adventure tour will be able to enjoy some of Oman’s most stunning sceneries. Board your 4-wheel drive vehicle and get ready for an exciting and breathtaking trip to Jebel Harim (translated as the Mountain of Women). With a height of 6,260 feet it is the highest peak on the Musandam Peninsula. 

    During your journey to Jebel Harim, you will be able to enjoy incredible vistas, including terraced mountain villages, lush Acacia forests and wadis (dry river beds). Following a drive of a little over an hour, a stop will be made at a Bedouin village located at an elevation of 3,000 feet. The village of Sayah, surrounded by palm groves, is one of the most picturesque villages on the Musandam Peninsula. After a stop for photographs and to enjoy this idyllic setting, continue with your drive to Jebel Harim. There will be time to admire the grand panorama from the mountain’s summit. 

    The return drive takes you pass Khawr Najid a stunning sea view point overlooking to Indian Ocean and then driver to  Al Khalidya nature park before concluding your adventure trip back at Khasab.

  • 4WD SAFARI to Jebel Harim with Picnic Lunch (Full Day) - USD 115 per person

    Using 4Wheel Drive vehicles join us on a panoramic journey into the barren interior; we drive to Jebel Harim, translated as the Mountain of Women (2087 metres), the highest mountain in Musandam. Our vehicle will stop at 1600 metres, with a view south towards Dibba and the canyon. Here you will see how the farmers manage to catch every drop of water.

    We will draw your attention to the fossils dating back several million years. On the way we pass the Bedouin village of Sayh situated at 1100 metres above sea level. This is a plateau of arable land. Drive to Khawr Najid, a stunning view overlooking to Indian Ocean side, you will be surprised at the scenery here, created by the road dropping steeply from 480 metres to sea level. 

    Then we will drive to see the natural park of Acacia trees at Khalidiya, watered by Musandam's largest drainage system, and return back to Khasab.

    The full day trip also includes Rowdah village where one can also see the pre-Islamic graveyard and original stone houses, including the 'Bait al Qufl' or storehouse.
  • Dhow Cruise (Half Day) - USD 44 per person

    The Khor Sham is a sheltered, 17 km long Fjord. The water is crystal clear and calm, very inviting for snorkelling or swimming. The mountains rise out of the sea and reflect back on the water. There are almost always dolphins playing and following the boats as they cruise around the villages:

  • Dhow Cruise with lunch (Full Day) - USD 59 per person

    Dhows are motorized and very basic. There is a possibility to swim off the dhow, but caution is advised when getting in and out of the water via the dhow’s ladder. Swim wear is acceptable for this tour only. Shady seating is available aboard the dhow. 

    This excursion will have great appeal for guests who look for a more unusual outing. After boarding your traditional Omani dhow pierside, the cruise will take you toward Musandam’s longest and most spectacular fjord, which is often referred to as ‘Norway of the Arabia’ calm, turquoise waters contrast with the creamy white limestone cliffs. Along the way you will pass small fishing villages and perhaps even encounter dolphins. 

    The dhow will anchor in the vicinity off Telegraph Island, allowing you to take a swim or just sit back and enjoy soft drinks, tea or coffee while admiring breathtaking views of mountains rising in the distance to over 2,000 feet. 

    Then leaving the anchorage, continue this tour  with lunch provided on board and another stop for swimming and snorkeling. After the tour  leisurely cruise back to Khasab.

  • City Tour Khasab(Half Day) - USD 29 per person

    This half-day excursion provides an introduction to parts of the Musandam Peninsula and its capital of Khasab. 

    Khasab Fort Visit this picturesque stronghold built in the 17th century by the Portuguese seeking dominion over the maritime trade in the Strait of Hormuz. The fort was erected to prevent attacks from the sea. Teak wood from India was used for its construction and the roof was fashioned from a mix of palm leaves and clay. Within its low, crenellated walls, the fort contains a large central tower which is thought to pre-date the fort itself. The structure you see today is the result of extensive restoration work carried out in the late 20th century. The fort’s location offers excellent views and photo opportunities.

    Wadi Tawi - drive to Wadi Tawi where one could see the pre-historical rock paintings depecting camel, ship, warrier etc.